Permanent Makeup Lips

Not all lips are perfectly shaped, but this can be corrected with permanent make-up through the use of a natural, custom blended color.

Permanent Ombre Lips®

Emilia Berry developed this groundbreaking permanent makeup lip procedure utilizing a proprietary shading technique. This treatment provides extremely natural results by creating fullness and reshaping of the lip area. Emilia’s signature lip technique is now widely emulated throughout the industry and remains one of her most requested.

Permanent Makeup Lips / Permanent Lip Tint

Irregular lip lines can be redefined with a liner procedure. A full color procedure can restore faded lips, giving them a fresher and younger appearance. Permanent cosmetics can make thin lips fuller and drooping corners appear lifted. Having correctly contoured and defined lips creates a youthful appearance.


Natural Lip Enhancement

Color Rejuvenation

Shape & Color Individually Designed

Medical grade, Hypo-allergenic Pigments

Full, Youthful Appearance

Longevity of up to 36 months

A woman's lips before and after lip filler.
A before and after photo of a pink lip.
A woman's lips before and after lip filler.

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