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  • Michelle T.

    Michelle T.

    I love my brows! Thanks to Emilia, my over plucked brows are now full and beautiful. They look real!
    Emilia is also super nice and sweet. The new office in midtown is clean, comfortable and beautiful. I highly recommend Emilia!
  • Polly B.

    Polly B.

    I called and emailed for an appointment for the eyebrow proceedure and I was given an appointment in a timely manner. The new location in midtown Manhattan is very easy to get to and convenient. Everything is very clean and looks like a high end hotel spa. The receptionist is very nice and Emilia is very professional and friendly and knows what she's doing. The touch up session is part of the price. Other places may charge you less, but you will find that the prices don't include the touch up. Also, not every place uses the same quality pigmentation. I'm highly allergic to many things on my skin so I was worried. But so far so good. In addition, I've had questions after the touch up about the care and Emilia got back to me within an hour via phone. They are very responsive and provide good customer service. I recommend this place. And I'm happy with the results thus far.
  • Elizabeth M.

    Elizabeth M.

    I don't have many reviews as I'm not a tech person but this experience deserves credit. My daughters been getting her brows done here for years. This past holiday season she treated me... what a great experience. I'm in my 60's & my eyebrows are nonexistent now... This experience was completely hypnotic & painless! She talked me through the entire process from drawing them on to the final result. After my first session my brows looks real, full & beautiful. Changing the whole composition of my face to a more youthful look. I have eyebrows again!!! My second "touch up" appointment left me feeling beautiful & refreshed. Thank you.
  • Jessica W.

    Jessica W.

    Emilia at the Huntington location is unbelievable. I feel like she knew exactly the style and shape to make, and has taken about 10 years off my face. I can't thank her enough!!! HIGHLY recommended. I travel from brooklyn to see her, well worth it!
  • Judy W.

    Judy W.

    Emilia is an artist! As a senior, I did not want "statement" eyebrows and she gave me back the brows I used to have. The look is completely natural and has left me looking awake and younger. The best part is that no one has asked me what I've done to my brows. For me, that's as good as it gets! Thank you, Emilia.
  • Judy W.

    Judy W.

    Emilia is an artist! As a senior, I did not want "statement" eyebrows and she gave me back the brows I used to have. The look is completely natural and has left me looking awake and younger. The best part is that no one has asked me what I've done to my brows. For me, that's as good as it gets! Thank you, Emilia.
  • Jill S.

    Jill S.

    I came to Emilia after seeing a vlog post on Refinery29. My brows have always been very light, sparse and basically without an arch. This gave my already hooded eyes a sleepy look that made me look forever-tired. Emilia worked her magic- creating the PERFECT arch and a beautiful shape that opened up my entire face. It honestly took 10 year off my face!  I was so pleased with my brows that I came back for lash line enhancement. The lashes look absolutely natural - me but BETTER. My morning makeup routine has been reduced to 5 minutes. I'm back to have my lips done today! Emilia embodies the true meaning of the word Artist.

    And for those complaining about the cost, I did considerable research prior to committing to the initial procedure. Emilia's pricing is perfectly reasonable for an artist of this caliber. Always remember- you get what you pay for and you are trusting this individual with PERMANENT ink and the equivalent of a tattoo gun on your FACE.

    I couldn't be happier with my results!
  • Kristen B.

    Kristen B.

    By the way, it has almost been two years since I've had this done and everything still looks incredible. A tiny bit of fading but it almost looks better than when I first got it done. This will last and look amazing for years -- well worth the money!
  • Jessica H.

    Jessica H.

    I went to the Huntington Office for the eyebrow microblading back in November, and just went for my touch-up this past weekend. I am loving the results! I had super thin, uneven eyebrows. Eva helped fill them in beautifully & even them out to balance out my face. It's a very natural look & was such a pleasurable experience as Eva is a warm person, easy to talk to, & gentle with the process! She gives you aftercare instructions & if you follow them- you will love the results. very happy! :)
  • Dee B.

    Dee B.

    Went to the New York location. Had my eyebrows and lips done. It was painless! I couldn't believe it! Emilia is the best! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!
  • Kate D.

    Kate D.

    I had microblading done on my eyebrows by Emilia last spring. I highly recommend Permaline. Emilia was so helpful and really made sure my eyebrows were perfect. I will definitely be returning in the future!
  • Melissa B.

    Melissa B.

    I contacted Emilia in regards to my eyebrows
    I had went to another aesthetician and she had to do it four times and I still had problems with the shape of my eyebrow I contacted permaline cosmetics and Amelia met with me and she did the touch up and she said such an amazing job
    She is very thorough, kind and such a good hearted woman I'm glad that I found her she's amazing
  • Heather D.

    Heather D.

    I did a great deal of research in my search for someone who was capable of creating a natural looking lip and making my upper look fuller.  I selected Emilia and traveled to NYC from Iowa for my appointment. It was worth the trip. I am thrilled with my new lips. Emilia's work is meticulous, natural looking and beautiful. She is patient and caring and willing to answer questions and address her clients concerns before, during and after the appointment. I do not wear a great deal of makeup so I never thought I would do my eyes or eyebrows. I was so pleased with Emilia's work  I returned for eye liner and eye brows. I highly recommend Emilia especially for your lips. I would not trust anyone else for a natural beautiful lip.
  • Tara A.

    Tara A.

    I have had Emilia micropigment my eyebrows multiple times over the past 6 years. And I recommend her to everyone who will listen. I even sent my mom to her (that's the ultimate recommendation!) Emilia is truly a skilled makeup artist. She knows exactly how to sculpt brows to complement any face.  Her office is always clean. She is the only person I will ever trust with my brows. Highly recommend!!
  • Tammy B.

    Tammy B.

    I researched for 2 years to find someone that I would trust to do this! I have very light eyebrows and tweezed them when I was younger. I cannot begin to say how happy I am with the job that Emilia did! They are just perfect, and amazingly natural! The color is perfect as well, no one can tell even up close! I went to the Huntington Office. I Highly recommend her!
  • Nelofar X.

    Nelofar X.

    I just left my second appointment & I am absolutely obsessed with my brows!

    I had always been so insecure about my over plucked brows... I would fill them in everyday because I always pictured myself with thicker brows!

    I was so nervous about getting my eyebrows micro-bladed and Emilia made me feel at ease and so comfortable. She listened to all my concerns and expectations for my brows. She was professional and kind and gave me honest feedback about how thick we should make them.

    She even followed-up after the first visit before my touch-up appointment.

    I highly recommend Emilia and Permaline Cosmetics!
    Thank you so much for my fabulous brows... you have changed my life!!!
  • Deanna W.

    Deanna W.

    Emilia is the BEST, period.  I am thrilled with my lips from day 1 ..and EVERY DAY since the procedure, getting so many compliments!  Emilia is so very patient, kind and talented.  Thank you Emilia!!
  • Tiana R.

    Tiana R.

    If I could give unlimited stars I would. Emilia has changed my life.

    Why are eyebrows important?
    Well, they frame your face & if you have spores & thin brows it ages you! Why am I spending $500 on Botox when my eyebrows are making me look 35?!?

    Appointment day:
    Emilia is stunningly beautiful & very professional. We got down to business & discussed the look I wanted & realistic results. She then got to work. I have never been so happy. The results were amazing. Omg!

    I got three complements that day alone. I've quit makeup. My life has changed & going to the beach is amazing.

    Thank you Emilia!!
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