Permanent Makeup

also know as micro-pigmentation or a cosmetic tattoo, is popular around the world as it provides beauty and elegance to the face.

Permanent cosmetics promises long awaited liberation to allergy sufferers, contact lens wearers, women who exercise, or have Alopecia. This semi-permanent treatment provides a time saving solution for females on the go and supplies an ease of application for those who don’t like to apply makeup. Through the use of a state of the art digital hand piece, there is an array of treatments that can be performed to enhance the face.

In addition to Permanent Make-up Eyebrows, the shape and color of lips can be improved by choosing a Permanent Lip Tint also knows as a Permanent Lip Color Treatment. More expression can be added to the eye area with our Permanent Eyeliner procedure. Our Eyelash Enhancement procedure creates the look of a full and lush lash base. Permanent make-up has endless possibilities and always appears natural.

Micro-Stroke® / Powder-Stroke Permanent Eyebrows

This is PermaLine’s most popular treatment. Emilia Berry developed this technique to provide clients with the perfect blend of microblading and digital permanent make-up. This treatment incorporates the use of both techniques to provide extremely crisp hair-strokes and natural looking eyebrows. You have seen these special eyebrows on celebrities around the world.


Extremely natural lookEyebrow Reshaping

Permanent Makeup Lips / Permanent Lip Tint / Permanent Lip Color

Not all lips are perfectly shaped, but this can be corrected with permanent make-up. Redefinition of an irregular lip line is easily accomplished with a permanent lip treatment, while a full color procedure can result in the restoration of faded lips, giving them a fresher and younger appearance. Through the use of permanent cosmetics, thin lips can be made fuller and drooping corners can appear lifted. This is all accomplished by implanting a natural, custom blended color to achieve incredibly defined, beautiful lips – for years! Clients often tell us that having full, correctly defined lips has taken years off their faces.


Natural Lip EnhancementColor RejuvenationShape Correction

Permanent Ombre Lips®

Emilia Berry developed this groundbreaking permanent makeup lip procedure that utilizes a very unique shading technique. This treatment provides extremely natural results by creating fullness and reshaping of the lip area. Emilia’s signature lip technique is now widely emulated throughout the industry and remains one of her most requested.


Fuller lookColor CorrectionShape CorrectionNatural Lip Enhancement

Permanent Eyelash Enhancement / Lash Effect

Another permanent makeup procedure considered to be one of Emilia’s trademarks and a secret of many celebrities. We all want the look of thicker and fuller eyelashes. The permanent lash effect procedure places permanent cosmetic pigment between each lash, achieving a natural yet luxuriously full lash base. It even simulates the appearance of actual lashes!


Thicker LashbaseThe illusion of Fuller LashesPerfectly NaturalCustom Color Blend

Permanent Makeup Eyeliner

More defined eyes can be achieved with a Permanent Eyeliner. Proper placement of an eyeliner can create the illusion of an eye-lift, and make the eyes appear larger, brighter and more beautiful.


Improves Eye ShapeNo Runny EyelinerCustom Blend Color

Permanent Makeup Correction

Not all permanent makeup is created equal. Sometimes the correction and removal of unsuccessful cosmetic tattooed enhancements carried out by other companies is necessary.

Our expertise enables us to correct these unflattering permanent makeup enhancements with the skilled use of corrective pigments.

Eyebrow and lip discolorations can be brought back to a natural, attractive look with our advanced corrective micropigmentation techniques.

Medical Micropigmentation

Medical permanent makeup techniques enable us to camouflage abnormalities and accomplish visual improvements in the areas of:

Restoration of the nipple and areola
Scar camouflage
Re-pigmentation of Vitiligo
Restoration of a cleft palate
Eyebrow and eyelash loss due to alopecia or chemotherapy
Hair replacement

PermaLine Cosmetics works closely with plastic surgeons to compliment the results of reconstructive surgery.

All of these micropigmentation procedures are handled with extreme sensitivity and confidentiality.

Needling aka Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT)

Needling is the beauty industry’s best kept secret for wrinkles, scars and stretch marks!

Skin needling is an all natural, state of the art micropigmentation procedure, designed to preserve the epidermis, while stimulating new collagen deposits.  This causes drastic reduction in wrinkles and rejuvenates the skin.  It provides superior results to laser treatments, chemical peels and other dermabrasion procedures, but with less damage to the epidermis. It is also effective in the reduction of stretch marks, acne scars, and raised or hypertrophic scarring. Finally, a procedure that provides a real alternative to costly and painful surgeries.

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