My story is pretty standard. Had beautiful, full eyebrows as a kid and tweezed them to oblivion when I was 16 (against my mom’s wishes). My eyebrows never really came back from the years of tweezing away since then. They are fairly coarse and have some bald patches and I have been desperate for the past 5 years or so to get them looking full and natural. I’ve tried so many pencils and powders, regrowth gels, and castor oil. After doing some research, I came across Emilia and I am SO happy that I did!
Pros: The shape and color are perfect! I no longer feel self conscious after washing my face or coming out of the water. After my free second touch up, I am very happy with the final result!
Cons: While I don’t HAVE to pencil them in anymore, I still touch up a bit above and below the area that was filled in. I feel for the price, there should be an offer for a third, free touch up if it is very minor (as mine would be). Third time’s a charm, right?
Overall, while it has faded slightly and while I would appreciate a third minor touch up, I am so very happy with my new eyebrows and am extremely grateful to Emilia! If you’re looking into other options, don’t…just go see Emilia!