I don’t typically take the time to write many reviews but I am so pleased with Emilia’s work that I felt that it would be almost unfair not to!
I was referred to her through a colleague who’s brows and eyeliner turned out great.
As a matter of fact I couldn’t figure out what she did because she looks so much better even younger! I actually thought she had some kind of surgery… Than finally she shared with me that she had her eyebrows and eyelash enhancement done.
I  couldn’t believe it first because it looks SO natural yet perfect.
I’ve never gotten any type of plastic surgery or tattoo done in the past so I was hesitant but after weeks of deliberation I finally decided to book an appointment.  She is very well known and popular so I had to make an appointment 4 weeks in advance.
I’ve never had a lot of eyebrow hair so traditionally I would just color it in everyday with pencil which would often lead to inconsistent/asymmetrical shapes.  Also with my natural shape and arch, once I penciled it in many people told me that I would look constantly angry since  the arch was rather high and angular.
My review is to emphasize how skillful and accommodating Emilia Berry and her team are.  I should mention that I was in her Huntington office.  She listened carefully to my concerns (about having too angular brows) and in seconds drew on a few different shapes that looked MILES better than anything that I had drawn in the past.  She also went through the different types of brow shapes and I decided to go with the fuller, sexy shape. I also told her that I wanted to still look youthful and to have a thicker brow that would look good without any eye make up since I don’t wear make up 80% of the time.  Did I mention they look like real hair?! I’m amazed!
The process was relatively painless and fast and I cannot be happier with the results! My new brows beautifully frame my eyes and I really feel like they took years of my face!! Almost like a brow lift. I would definitely recommend Permaline Cosmetics to anyone interested in getting their brows done and am considering getting my top eyeliner tattooed as well! Emilia really has an eye for what shapes best suit your individual face and I look forward to contracting her services in the near future!