Brandy M.

Emilia Berry is hands down the BEST in the business.  I had my eyes done last year and just had a touch up for summer.  I couldn’t be happier with the result.  I love that I can run out the door with no eye make up on for the beach or the pool or sports!…


Brittany S.

My story is pretty standard. Had beautiful, full eyebrows as a kid and tweezed them to oblivion when I was 16 (against my mom’s wishes). My eyebrows never really came back from the years of tweezing away since then. They are fairly coarse and have some bald patches and I have been desperate for the…


Jean M.

I highly recommend Emilia for permanent makeup.  I found Emilia when I was looking for someone to fix the botch permanent eyebrow job I had done someplace else. As soon as I walked into her office, I felt at ease and knew I was going to be able to trust her to fix my brows.…



I had the semipermanent eyebrow treatment done yesterday by Emilia in the Huntington location and she is absolutely FANTASTIC! She literally tattoos strands of hair among the existing natural hairs and you really cant tell which are hairs and which are tattooed. It DOES NOT look like someone drew your brows on with sharpie marker…


Ruth M.

I have a scar that distorts my lower lip (part of it is missing), making it lower on one side – adding insult to the scar itself. I wasn’t sure how I was going to deal with it until a friend mentioned she’d been to Emilia for her eyebrows. I finally called when I’d had…


Elizabeth Z.

I don’t typically take the time to write many reviews but I am so pleased with Emilia’s work that I felt that it would be almost unfair not to! I was referred to her through a colleague who’s brows and eyeliner turned out great. As a matter of fact I couldn’t figure out what she…


Katie A.

My sister went to Emilia after her eyebrows were ruined by a threader at the mall. Emilia created the most beautiful eyebrows on her that she could have never grown herself. It’s amazing how she does it. We’re both hot now!