Amelia is absolutely incredible. I was really nervous to get this done, and researched it/thought about doing it for over a year before actually taking the plunge and just doing it. I was worried permanent makeup would look too severe or fake for my face, but Amelia is an expert at choosing the right colors and shapes for your face in order to keep it natural.
I had my brows, eyes, and lips done and while it looks like I have makeup on, it is that “natural” makeup look and my features simply look enhanced. Some days I look at myself without makeup on and forget what I used to look like without makeup. Nothing is too dark or too severe, and I can walk out bare-faced and still look amazing. My brows were previously very sparse and my eyes looked naked without mascara on, and now my brows frame my face and my eyes pop. My lips used to be pale an nonexistent and now I have definition that looks amazing with just chapstick on.
I am so happy I did this and cannot recommend Amelia enough. I researched a lot of different places and honestly if you want the best for your face – go see Amelia. I just had my second touch up and am almost sad that the process is over. I’ll definitely be seeing Amelia for touch-ups years in the future.
Amelia is THE BEST!!! Thank you thank you thank you :)