I don’t do reviews unless I’m extremely unhappy or extremely happy so i had to take the time out to write one here cause i couldn’t be happier..Few years ago i had an at work accident which burned off a real good bit of my eyebrows which never grew back..Lived with it for awhile and was very uncomfortable..So recently i started looking into options..Hair transplant..Which after weeks it falls back out and you have to wait for it to grow again and is extremely expensive..Tattoo..Ive seen tattooed eyebrows and they look dark and just ridiculous and god forbid they mess up its there for good..Not a good look and way to risky..Then i found Emilia and after reviewing her background and looking through her before and after pictures and reading other reviews i worked up the nerve to go see her..When your gonna let someone alter your face you better have the right person doing it..Definately don’t wanna walk out looking like a circus clown..I can tell you now that i am so happy i went to her..She is absolute perfection from the color to the shape and she takes a lot of pride in her work..Wants them perfect as much as you do..The way they come out so natural looking is unreal..My confidence is all the way back..Im not running from cameras now and i get nothing but compliments and the best part is nobody knows what happened they just think i let my eyebrows grow back..LOVE IT..Not saying its gonna happen for others but the process even stimulated new hair growth which i haven’t had in years..You may not have the prettiest face in the world but its still your face and you better have the right person doing the job and i promise that after you do your research you will find yourself with Emilia and you won’t be disappointed at all as she is a beautiful woman who does absolutely beautiful work..Will not regret it